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How does the Well Care Membership Benefit You

Online Wellness Assessments
The WEF Online Portal has over 40 online assessments, and the Health Risk Manager is our most popular. This state of the art, online health risk assessment is administered securely and confidentially, and generates both personal and administrative reports that identify key areas of health and wellness concerns. Recommendations are then generated to achieve optimal health.

The Health Risk Manager HRA covers key health issues including:
• Heart Health
• Nutrition
• Weight Management
• Fitness
• Cancer
• Smoking
• Stress
• Safety

When you complete your Health Risk Manager – you are entitled to a complimentary Health Risk Review with your Network Provider. Your Survey Results will be reviewed, and you will be given a “Next Steps” Outline to reduce your Health Risks and help you meet your goals to a Healthier Life!

Interactive Health Risk Assessments
The Interactive Health Risk Assessments are written so that end users may evaluate their risk for different conditions and learn how to reduce it. There are several types of assessments and profiles available. The individual Risk Assessments allow users to determine their risk for specific diseases. Note that the assessments recognize key warning signs and will direct users to the appropriate health professionals when needed. Users are then given specific instructions on how to lower their risk for each health condition. Recommendations may include:
• Self-treatments options
• Lifestyle suggestions
• Recommendations to see specific health practitioners
• Natural health products that may be of benefit
• Recommendations to take specific additional assessments
• A suggestion to participate in an online health improvement program

Interactive Behavioral Health Assessments
These Behavioral Health assessments seek to provide the user with the helping hand of a digital psychotherapist. THE WEF and its online health partners give users the tools and support that they would expect from the country's most experienced behavioral health benefits providers, along with current information for health professionals, consumers, researchers and advocates.

There are several types of behavioral health assessments available. More general assessments cover broad areas such as emotional health or stress, while condition-specific assessments address narrower clinical areas such as post-traumatic stress and depression. Behavioral lifestyle assessments look at areas ranging from career burnout to sleep. Each assessment provides detailed results and specific actionable recommendations, including self-care, conventional and alternative therapies, and practitioner referrals. Extensive links to more information about mental health conditions and treatments, other relevant health assessments, behavioral health organizations and practitioner databases are included in the output of each assessment.

Interactive Disease Management Assessments
The use of disease management has grown rapidly in the past several years, while online disease management tools have become the cutting edge of modern medical management.

Our web-based disease management tools help providers save time while retaining personal involvement with their patients. Users can learn a great deal about what their symptoms mean and how to care for them, both on their own and with professional help when needed. Physicians will not only have a more educated patient, but can also access their patients’ assessment responses, even as they change over time, along with a sophisticated computerized analysis of these symptoms.

Interactive Self-Care and IM Assessments
Users will discover things they never knew about themselves with these unique assessments and profiles.

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) includes diverse medical and healthcare systems, practices and products. Scientific evidence exists regarding a number of CAM therapies, often indicating that they can be effective on their own or when combined with conventional medicine. Integrative Medicine is a field that specifically combines mainstream medical approaches with CAM therapies for which there is scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness.

Our CAM assessment recommendations are evidence-based and focus on how various therapies—such as massage, nutrition, chiropractic, acupuncture or herbal medicine—can be used in conjunction with mainstream medical care. Each CAM assessment provides detailed personalized results and actionable recommendations based on one or more CAM disciplines. Available modalities include mind-body medicine, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, nutrition, massage and bodywork, movement therapy and others.

Interactive Life-style and Work-style Assessments
Critical areas of everyday work and home life, including diet, sleep; fitness, stress and work-life are addressed by these assessments. Users learn whether their habits are healthy or not, what are the best approaches to improved health for their particular situations, and how to deal with common issues that occur on everyday life. For example, “Why do I sleep poorly and how can I improve it?” is one of the questions specifically addressed by the Sleep Assessment. Users who take several of the Lifestyle and Workstyle Assessments and follow the detailed, personalized and actionable recommendations will find that their daily lives, along with their overall health and well-being, are greatly improved.
My Health Features
The My Health tools enable users to track their health and wellness data while identifying important trends, further personalizing the user experience. The “FOCUS ON” feature presents users with timely and relevant health information they can access with a single click. My Health Journal enables users to log information about their health and use colors to indicate their mood or wellness level; the latter can help them spot trends early so they can be acted upon. Users can maintain a journal and keep track of meetings and events with My Health calendar. My Healthy Life allows users to plan and track their diet, nutrition and fitness needs. Topics include losing weight, getting fit, releasing stress, managing blood pressure and cholesterol, eating healthy and managing The change.

Multi-media Center
The Multimedia Center provides for over 50 files of streaming audio and video information on health and wellness topics. Our library listing makes it simple for users to find information that interests them. While watching a video or listening to an audio file, the users will also see related information in the dynamic link list.

Site Search
The Site Search permits the end user to search multiple databases simply by typing in a search term on any health and wellness related topic. Our proprietary search engine then returns all matches from all areas within the client-customized THE WEF website, as well as from outside databases such as the National Library of Medicine. In addition, all results (including those from outside sites) are categorized by subtopic for easy browsing.

Dynamic Link Library
THE WEF Dynamic Link Engine is particularly powerful. On each content page that utilizes this feature, from static article to constantly changing assessment output, the Dynamic Link Engine provides the end user with a specific list of additional information directly related to the content they are viewing. These dynamic links are always easy to find on the right side of the page: no more searching to find what is important. In addition, when the end user rolls the mouse over a link, a brief summary of the related link appears, providing a “sneak peak” of what the link contains without needing to go to the referenced web page. This license for this feature is limited to the specific use with the content THE WEF provides.

You Benefit from Self Help Works Programs:

Living Lean
This no nonsense workshop is designed to put people in control of unhealthy and compulsive eating habits. Participants change their relationship with food and eating to lose weight, keep it off naturally, and experience lasting lifestyle change. Living Lean focuses on breaking free from an emotional dependency, as opposed to focusing on dieting, pills, packaged food, or feelings of deprivation. No matter how long a person has been overweight or whether they have struggled with diets, plans, or meetings, he or she can succeed with Living Lean.

The workshop consists of 12 sessions, an orientation. A typical daily session will include a self-evaluation survey to assess the individual’s current emotional state, four five-minute segments utilizing engaging video and audio, interactive exercises following each segment, and personalized coaching. Also available to participants is access to an online manual, access to a course review for easy reference and support when needed, recipes and food guides, an exercise planner, community message boards for support networking, personalized emails and reminders.

Living Free
In this workshop participants become ex-smokers in just three weeks. This workshop has among the highest success rate of any other smoking program on the market today. The workshop consists of 8 sessions, an orientation, and an introduction.

A typical daily session will include a self-evaluation survey to assess the individual’s current emotional state, four five-minute segments utilizing engaging video and audio, interactive exercises following each segment, and personalized coaching. Also available to participants is access to an online manual, access to a course review for easy reference and support when needed, community message boards for support networking, and take-away items such as a series of creed cards, personalized emails and reminders.

Living Fit
Participants learn how to make exercise a regular part of their life and for it to be an activity that they eagerly anticipate.

Habits and patterns rule. Most of what we do on a daily basis is a function of habit and that is both good and bad. Some of our habits are productive and some do not provide well-being. Three common features of all habits is that once a habit is established it is easy to do, becomes automatic and is hard to break.

Using our technology, your organization can quickly and easily assess the individual or aggregate health or your population with an assessment and prevention system that seamlessly integrates with your Company Website or Intranet.

Remember your WEF Wellness Portal can become your Wellness support center to help you stay healthy for a lifetime.

Email for appointment to review your “NEXT STEPS” Wellness Program.


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