Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tips to Prevent Overweight Children

Tips to Prevent Overweight Children
1. Place limits on TV, computer games, and other sedentary pursuits
2. Encourage physical activities - 1+ hours/day
3. Make physical activity a family affair – take hikes, ride bikes together, go to the park…
4. Plan birthdays around fun activities rather than at fast food restaurants
5. Encourage the habit of eating at meal times and limiting snacking
6. Avoid eating in front of the TV – it conditions people to eat when they watch TV
7. Eat most meals at home. Restaurants serve too much for adults let alone children
8. Pack lunches -- with planning they can be much healthier than what they might buy at school
9. Provide wholesome meals and snacks that your child enjoys while introducing new foods
10. Emphasize rewards for healthy eating rather than punishment
11. Explain that you eat healthfully because you value good health

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